Your 12 Life Categories

life coaching lifebook May 25, 2021
Your life can be broken into 12 different categories.
1. Health and Fitness.
2. Intellectual.
3. Emotional.
4. Character.
5. Spiritual.
6. Love Relationship.
7. Parenting.
8. Social.
9. Financial.
10. Career
11. Quality of Life
12. Life Vision
In order to live your best version of yourself, you need to focus on all of these categories, not just one or two. After a year an a half of lockdown in Toronto I'm going to guess that if you are like me, some of these categories are currently completely out of wack. For a lot of people, HEALTH and FITNESS has been basically none existent, or perhaps you feel like your QUALITY of LIFE is terrible. Maybe you're like me, where my CAREER and FINANCIAL categories have been really affected. I'm sure we can all say that our SOCIAL lives have been affected.
Why am I telling you this?
Because as we start to move back into our 'normal' lives and routines, this is a really great opportunity to start building back your life into a more balanced and best version then what you had before. You might have heard about the conspiracy theory called 'The Great Reset' that is meant to be happen right now, satanic elitist taking over the world or what ever nonsense, but jokes aside I think we do actually have an really great opportunity for 'A Great Reset' individually and personally. How can you personally reset yourself as we come out of the pandemic. Can you be a better parent then before when you start going back to the office? Can you be more spiritual? Could you figure out what emotions you want in your life and start focusing on bringing more of them into your life? Could you workout more and be healthier then you have been? Do you even have a life vision that you could write down if I asked you?
If you look at this list, which is your strongest category and which is your weakest? I would love to know.
I would say for me, I've always had HEALTH and FITNESS as my strongest and probably SPIRITUAL and maybe EMOTIONAL is one of my weakest. These are two things I don't really ever put any thought or time into trying to improve.
I encourage you to spend some time thinking about any of these categories that may need some work, it wasn't until I put energy into all of them that I really started living as my true self.

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