I've always been involved in fitness and sports for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Australia playing tennis, cricket, rugby, skateboarding and surfing to name a few. The defining moment which lead me towards a career in fitness was the day I joined a gym at the age of 17.

From that day on, I started reading fitness magazines, researching workout routines, trying different classes, buying new protein powders: I was hooked!

Fast forward 20+ years later and here I am living in Toronto, Canada.

I moved here in 2008 with a suitcase of clothes, no money and big dreams to create a life of purpose and meaning.  I started working my way up the corporate gym ladder, from Head Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Manager, to eventually Functional Training Program Director. 

After achieving what I wanted at the corporate level I decided to go out on my own to start two different companies, a personal training business, Southern Cross Fitness and what became one of Toronto's longest running bootcamp, Buns of Steel Bootcamp.

As the saying goes, 'A rolling stone gathers no moss', so eventually it became obvious to me that I needed to combine all of the experience I had gained to create a new and unique approach to executive fitness and lifestyle coaching, and so Personal Revolution was born.     

I love helping people and seeing people grow, not just physically, but with more self confidence, inner strength and self belief. For me fitness has been a powerful tool over the years, which has helped me to be proud of myself, to gain self confidence, to set goals and achieve them and to stay in a more positive mindset. Being a trainer and coach, if I can teach my clients to love themselves however they look, then I feel my job has been done! The fact that they achieve incredible life transformations by implementing my 5 Step Personal Revolution Process™ is just a added bonus to me.

Let's Connect!
  • Internationally educated with multiple qualifications from Australia and Canada
  • Over 15 years experience, working directly with 100s of clients and facilitated well over 1000 fitness classes
  • We work with executive clients from companies like LCBO, CBC, Dyson, Apple
  • Selected in 2016 to represent Toronto as an Elite Trainer to provide coaching services for World Trainer's 'Global Elite Trainer Network'
  • Featured on blogTO, Global News, Get Out There Magazine